Glasgow based Wooden Floor Sanding and Sealing, covering all of Scotland including Highlands and Islands


Having real wood worktops means you love nature you love the smell and the look they bring to your wonderful kitchen. 

At Flooring Naturally we love them too and if yours is looking tired and need of some tender loving care then we can help.

Using a 4 stage sanding process and finishing with the highest quality oil finish, we can bring dry looking worktops back to life and even lighten them if you wish a change. 

We can also do tables, bringing the same sanding and sealing process to bring out the best in them and for you to be able to show them off once again.

Flooring Naturally only uses natural oils for this that have Food safe standard so you literally can eat your dinner off them! 

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worktop oil oak

Oak worktop lightened using White oil finish

teak table worktop oil teak table oil

Teak table using white oil finish 

walnut worktop natural oilwalnut natural finish oil worktop

 Walnut worktop finished with Natural oil