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Did you know the carpet industry is one of the biggest consumers of plastic?  Plastic is disguised by many different names in flooring these days from Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, LVT, Vinyl and many other names and accounts for the majority of carpets sold in the UK. 

We don't think all plastic is bad, quite the contrary - We hope to be able to add to our Ocean Plastics Carpet Underlay by bringing you a range of luxury recycled carpet made from P.E.T Plastics.  We feel there is enough plastic in circulation around the globe and in our oceans to stop the production of carpet from new plastic especially as over 2 Billion KG of carpet end up in landfill every year!

So, Along with being a carbon neutral business, we are also intent on reducing waste going to landfill.  This waste includes old flooring uplifted from customers houses, offcuts from new installations and any packaging. 

Uplifted Flooring

At Flooring Naturally we are partnering up with local charities to help support those in need.  When a used, uplifted piece of flooring is in a good enough condition to be repurposed through professional cleaning, we will arrange for this to be donated.  We will arrange and pay for any fitting and additional items like underlays to be supplied free of charge. 

Some people see this as a costly expense, however we see it as a great way of helping others and repurposing perfectly acceptable goods - Afterall, people use charity shops for clothes everyday of the week!

Offcuts & Non Useable Flooring

With every installation job there are offcuts, and needless to say we will uplift product that is no longer fit for purpose.  Fortunately, the recyclable capabilities of these materials is at a all time high.  Carpet can made made into underlays, Wood can be made into furniture and packaging can be recycled in many ways.

Flooring Naturally

For us, this is a small and simple thing we can begin and hopefully other flooring companies will follow suit.

Plastic can be a really amazing and useful product, but there are also amazing natural products like wool that used to dominate the carpet industry and this is in revival and surprisingly well priced, hard wearing and beautifully soft!

The fleeces generated by UK & Ireland sheep are some of the best wools for carpets in the world alongside New Zealand - and we can help you help these farmers by supplying you with one of the most sustainable materials on the Planet!