Glasgow based Wooden Floor Sanding and Sealing, covering all of Scotland including Highlands and Islands

What are we all about?

What are we all about?

With over 30 years experience in the flooring industry we recognised how difficult it is to buy flooring not made of specifically created plastic - Polypropylene, Nylon, LVT, Laminate all full of plastic and adding to the environmental impact.   We decided to set-up a naturally directed flooring retailer, focusing on Wool, Oiled Wood, Plant fibres like Sisal, Bamboo, Seagrass complimented with products created from recycled Ocean Plastic like our fantastic underlay. 

Along with focusing closely towards being as natural as possible, we wanted to try an be as environmentally green as we could, being green in our set-up is one thing, but what about customers who wish to purchase green flooring?  We can cover that and with our sustainable hard floors, carpets and even underlays.  We ensure customers are able to floor their homes with as little environmental impact as possible. 

Within our range we only sell natural oiled timber, we only use natural adhesives and our floor care products are the greenest on the market which means we can give our customers low or no VOC floors which is a first in the UK. 

This all sounds great, but what about your old flooring? Did you know that over 2 Billion kg of carpet ends up in land fill every year in the US.  Well, we have some special ways to deal with this - Should you wish for us to uplift and remove, your old flooring will go 1 of 2 directions - It will either be fully recycled or it will be re-purposed with your agreement, professionally cleaned and donated fully installed free of charge to someone in need.

At flooring naturally we don't stop there.  Seeing that customers require convenience and the ability to shop when their schedules allow we decided to throw away the rule book of having stores and instead create an in-home service, We bring the showroom to you when you need it.  Whats great about this is we also work with Carbon Footprint UK and offset all consultation, delivery & installation mileage through UK tree planting initiatives, meaning the small footprint you create by buying from us leaves a legacy for generations to come.

Finally, as we mentioned before - we've spent decades in some of the largest flooring retailers in the UK which means - WE HATE SALES!!!  You won't get 50% off with us - Sorry!  But, we'll give you the real price, and with small overheads compared to retail stores- We can pass these savings on to you and will beat any quote for like for like product.