Glasgow based Wooden Floor Sanding and Sealing, covering all of Scotland including Highlands and Islands


At Flooring Naturally we realise the importance the appearance of your premises can be to your business. This creates the atmosphere to which you want your brand to be associated with helping your own customers feel at home and comfortable in your surroundings. 

We at Flooring Naturally will help you fulfil your vision and work with you to achieve your perfect flooring aspiration, making sure the products used are suited to your needs and wants. We would work with you to achieve the colours and shades and even shine to your floor that you specify. 

We also realise the logistics can be tricky as you try to minimise any disruption to your business. Again, we would work to ensure this happens and work as long as it takes and even working through the night should this be the need. 

Please see below some examples of our recent work. 

bar flooring sanding parquet floor before Couch Bar, Sheffield 

parquet floor sanding lacquer finish