Glasgow based Wooden Floor Sanding and Sealing, covering all of Scotland including Highlands and Islands

bespoke smoked hand scraped white oil engineered oak flooring 20mm

West Country - Rennie Mackintosh engineered oak flooring - 638E

The Flooring Naturally Collection
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Think of Glasgow and its strengths and attributes, The industry and its people. Through the good times and the bad times, that overarching ability to pick themselves up and dust themselves down and get on with life. Glasgow has now become what it is meant to be, the city of hope, aspiration and style.

This Flooring Naturally collection optimises this and celebrates all that is good with Glasgow. This finely engineered wood is only finished with the finest natural oils which really bring the warmth and character out of the wood.

This West Country collection is built to stand the test of time, to let you be able to get on with your daily life. This collection will see so much of your years, your own loves, your own ambitions, your children growing, becoming adults, leaving home, the cats and dogs and most importantly the good times.

Let your floor be part of your tapestry of stories.

Together let’s help save the environment one floor at a time by buying your floor naturally.

Smoked, Hand Scraped, White Oiled Oak Flooring