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dark grey engineered oak herringbone saw marks bespoke

West Country engineered oak herringbone - Brunels Way - 419H

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Let’s take a Walk in the Harbourside area where the multi-colour houses stare back at you on one side and the old shipyards on the other.  You gaze up at the majestic Clifton Suspension bridge and then finding a bar next to the river you people watch the endless stream of runners, cyclists and rowers. As the low summer sun starts to settle in the distance you sip on your locally sourced fresh and chilled cider.  But behind this abundant beauty there is also a strength, a backbone, a dare to be different which makes it stand out amongst the many other English cities.

This why Bristol is close to our hearts here at Flooring Naturally is Bristol. We wanted to include this beautiful West Country city in this collection as it exemplifies what we are trying to do as a company here in Glasgow with Flooring Naturally. The environment is at the heart of everything we do and Bristol lead from the front in how we can live in our environment and care for it at the same time.

This finely engineered wood like Bristol, has the backbone needed to support the beautiful bespoke finishes. This is done using the finest natural oils which really bring the warmth and character out of the wood unlike plastic lacquer finishes.

Let your floor be part of your tapestry of stories.

Together let’s help save the environment one floor at a time by buying your floor naturally

Bespoke, Dark Grey, Brushed with saw mark, Oak Flooring