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Black Sapphire Natural Wool Strip Carpet
Black Silver Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Chocolate Blue Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Copper Black Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Khaki Cream Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Lime Red Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Pastels Coloured Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Plum Green Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Red Charcoal Natural Wool Stripe Carpet
Red Plum Natural Wool Stripe Carpet

Mississippi Premium - Wool Stripe Carpet

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100% Wool 

with natural action backing, available in 1m 4m and 5m widths

suitable for all the rooms in your home including hallway and stairs. 

Its been a hard day at work. Its the middle of autumn and its raining, you could not get parked as someone took your car parking spot again. The walk to your home seems to take an age as you try to avoid the large puddles that have formed. You get to the front door and you fumble for your keys, dropping them and the left overs of your lunch which you promised to your hungry dog waiting behind the door. 

All seems stressful but as you open the door you catch sight of your stairs and the mardi gras of colours of stripes on show. You instantly feel warm and happy inside. You are home to the warmth of my woollen carpet as the dog patiently awaits his treats. The rain seems romantic now as you sit down for the night and you listen to it gently caress the window and you cuddle up for the night knowing everything is going to be all right.